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Robert McDougall Consulting specialises in website development, website design, graphic design, system administration, and custom or commonly available CMS to allow clients to manage their own website updates. Magento, Joomla and WordPress are such examples of commonly free CMS applications.


Robert McDougall Consulting - Website Development      Website Development
Although there has been a trend in more recent years for "off the shelf" quickly created websites using free CMS options such as Wordpress, Joomla and Magento, in time these options clearly have their limitations. So although we provide these services, we feel that our offerings of custom built websites makes you appear more unique, and have the functionality that you desire to make you a step above your competitors. As with any business, a compromise needs to be met between budget, time and requirements constraints. And similarly, we respect that most businesses want a quick up and running website, which may later be enhanced or replaced. Let us build to accompany your needs.

The original drive of the internet was on shopping cart e-commerce websites, allowing a one shop location to distribute worldwide. Many hiccups later, it is still the driving force of the internet, and our experience in e-commerce has been extensive.
Robert McDougall Consulting - Graphic Design      Graphic Design
Graphic design of brochures, posters, brand logos and website imagery. We also supply animation using software such as Adobe Flash and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Logo design, flash objects, images and pieces that can be built independantly and slotted into any promotional material.
Robert McDougall Consulting - News      News
At times we post news articles that me be of interest to other people in the field of website development, website design, graphic design, or search engine optimisation and marketing.
Robert McDougall Consulting - Events      Events
We are planning to start having events such as networking or presentations in the near future.

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An online shopping cart, built from Presta Shop, ready for customisation.
A demonstration management system for online surveys, questionaires or performance evaluations. It includes the creation of assessments, modules within, and questions assigned to them.
Applicant Login: Username 'applicant'. Password 'test'
Admin Login: Username 'admin'. Password 'test'
A demonstration website illustrating an online voting process, where votes are collated anonymously, and applicants only recorded as to whether voted.
Applicant Login: Username 'test'. Password 'abc123'
Admin Login: Username 'admin'. Password 'abc123'

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